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Inland Empire Imaging Center proudly serves the I.E. with Diagnostic Imaging:
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From the moment you schedule your appointment to the delivery of the final report, Doctors refer their patients to us because of our reputation and commitment to serve the Inland Empire with the very best healthcare options. 

Inland Empire Imaging Center

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Learn about PET and CT technology

What is a PET and CT scan?

A PET (Positron Emission Tomography) scan answers the question: ‘whats going on? by measuring changes in body functions such as cellular metabolism. This allows doctors to evaluate how well organs and tissues are functioning. PET can be used to help detect the early onset of diseases like cancer and to find out the progress of a treatment plan.


A CT (Computer Tomography) scan answers the question: ‘what does it look like?’ by creating a 3D model of targeted areas in the body. This provides different vantage points to understand the size and shape of any abnormality and can also be useful for detecting injuries (such as head trauma).


A PET/CT scan is a PET and CT scan used together to accurately pin-point the location and behavior of many types of disease.

How does PET/CT technology work?

PET scans detect cells consuming a radioactive form of glucose called FDG which is injected into the body. Abnormal cells metabolize glucose faster than healthy cells and PET scans shows the metabolic activity of any abnormalities by measuring the rate of consumption and radioactive decay of FDG.


A CT scan is created by x-ray beams rotating around an arc and projected through the body. The X-ray detector in a CT scanner can see hundreds of different levels of density like the slices in a loaf of bread. This data is transmitted to a computer which builds up a 3D cross-sectional picture of the body.


Some CT scans require a patient to ingest contrast which blocks X-rays to “contrast” and better see areas of the body under investigation. Contrast is given via an injection and some tests require it to be taken orally or as a suppository. It is also eliminated by the body naturally when you go to the bathroom.


What are the benefits of PET/CT technology?

PET/CT technology is a powerful way for doctors to decide on the best treatment possible and has helped improve millions of lives around the world. Some of many uses for PET/CT scans include:

•Determining the severity of a disease

•Selecting the most effective therapy

•Determining a patient’s response to specific drugs

•Adapting treatment plans quickly

For many diseases such as cancer, PET and CT scans yield useful information to make a proper diagnosis and determine the best treatment plan.

What is radiation?

Radiation is energy traveling through space. Weexperience it from natural sources everyday like radio waves which do not effect the body and are used by our smart phones to send and recieve data.


Ultraviolet light from the Sun, however, is a stronger form of radiation and we have to limit our time in the sun because over time too much ultraviolet light can effect the energy of atoms in our bodies which can damage DNA and lead to skin cancer. 


Patients getting PET/CT scans are exposed to a small amount of radiation which can effect atoms in the body. The exposure, however, is very small and the benefits of PET/CT scans far outweight the risks and can elimate the need for exploratory surgery.

Preparing for your appointment.

How soon can I schedule my appointment?

Our office is open Mon-Fri 9am-5pm. We will schedule your appointment so that your doctor gets the results when they need them and sometimes we can schedule your visit on the same day. 


Cancellations and rescheduling must be done 24 hours prior to your appointment. Please do not bring young children to your appointment unless they are getting scanned. Do not have anything to eat for six hours before your appointment. During this time you can drink as much water as you like.


Dress comfortably and plan your travel time so that you can arrive at least 30 minutes (very important) before your appointment.

What do I need to bring to my appointment?

Please call us if you have any questions about what to bring and ask your doctor if there is anything particular he/she would like our staff to know. Here is a list of common items:


  • A list of your current medications

  • Any previous relevant exams and reports

  • Medical history including whether you may be pregnant, breastfeeding or diabetic 

  • Insurance cards


You can also download and print out the new patient paper work if you would like to fill it out prior to your appointment

What happens during the scan?

Before your scan begins we will administer theradioactive material needed for your test. PET scans require you to relax in our prepartion room for an hour before your scan. CT Scans take about 15 minutes to complete once the radioactive material has been administered.

After the scan

What happens during your visit.

Once the scan is completed you will be able to leave our offices immediately. You will be able to eat and drink what you would like. You may go anywhere you wish but avoid prolonged close contact with children for the rest of the day. This is to avoid exposing children to unnecessary radiation. 

Are there any side effects?

You will not have any side effects. You can continue with your usual daily activities. In particular it will not make you drowsy and will not prevent you from driving a car. 

How can I request a copy of my reports?

Your PET/CT scan report will be sent to a radiologist withing 24 - 48 hours. The results of your test will then be made available to the doctor that referred you. To get a copy of PET/CT scan or a CD of your scan, fill out our medical records request form

Insurance Information

Do I need prior authorization from my insurance company?

Yes. Your referring doctor's office will get insurance authorization before your scan is scheduled.

Will you file a claim with my secondary insurance?

If you have secondary insurance we will bill them, otherwise you will be responsible for the amount not covered by your insurance. 

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